What is GPS (Global Positioning System)?

GPS(Global Positioning System)-

Gps is a system which is made up of three parts satellite, ground station and receiver. satellite act like the star in a constellation-we all knows where they are and they supported at any given time. The ground station uses radar to make sure they are actually where we think they are. And a receiver you can be found in your digital watch, your car, and on your mobile phone is always listening for a signal from these satellites. The receivers figure it out how far away you from some of them.

there are five main uses of GPS-

  1. Location- It can use to determine the exact position/location
  2. Navigational purpose — getting from one location to another location
  3. Tracking- It helps to monitor object or personal movement
  4. Mapping- it can help to create a map of the world.
  5. Timing- It can help in time management.
  6. GPS can be used to keep an eye on dangerous natural hazards also-like -tsunami, volcano and earthquake also.


We learned about GPS. What is GPS? How does GPS Works? What are the uses of GPS? etc.



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