Top 5 Battle Games for Android phone in 2021

Top 5 Battle Games for Android phone in 2021

Earlier this year, you all must have heard the name of the PUBG mobile game. The game has also won this year’s Google Play Awards and has remained a very popular game ever since. The PUBG mobile game falls under the category of a Battle Royal game. The main objective of the Battle Royal game is to survive to the end.

You’ve probably been playing Battle Royal for a long time, with PUBG and Knife Out being quite famous. Today people are getting attracted to this type of game. The biggest reason is the multiplayer game-play and the engaging graphic. So today we have brought for you 5 best Battle Royal games which you will not be able to live without playing. Top 5 Best Battle Games for Android in 2021 :

1. PUBG Mobile :

This is the game after which the Battle Game gained so much popularity. The game not only shows you the full potential of the Android platform but also enhances your gaming experience through multiplayer game-play.

In this game, you are parachuted to an 8x8 km island, where you have to survive while playing with the other 99 players. This is the main objective of this game. The player has to kill other players using weapons, vehicles with the help of the map itself.

Here the game is set in such a way that the size of the map is gradually reduced so that you do not win without playing hide and seek. Here you can team up with other players with online live chatting and play games like Team-Battle. In addition, in the case of mobile games, the graphics of the game are also very good and very attractive, adding real weapons and real game-play experience even further.

2. Garena Free Fire :

This is a special Battle Royal game of its kind as you have to compete with 49 other players. Furthermore, the game is set in such a way that every 10 minutes you have to fight another player or survive on a new island. can be sent.

Here you have the convenience of staying in a safe area as well as choosing a start point for yourself. In the game, you can find new weapons, kill the enemy and take his goods and move from one place to another on the island with the help of vehicles. The ultimate goal is to somehow survive to the end.

Here you have the facility to form a team of a maximum of 4 players in which you can make the game easier by making strategy together through live voice chat. Also, the graphics look quite real and the controls can be used quite easily.

3. Knives Out :

The game is already available on the Google Play Store from PUBG Mobile. Here too you are parachuted to an island after which you will have to compete with 99 other players and survive to the end. Here you get a slightly larger map from PUBG Mobile in which you can go from one place to another by train, go to different places on the island to find a new weapon or a big one to see your enemy from afar Can go to the mountain. Can aim.

Apart from the much better graphics, here you have also been given ‘Duo Mode’, through which you can create a tag-team with your friend and play this game. Even in squad mode, you can make the game a little easier by creating your own team.

4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival :

his game also gives you a great battleground experience where you compete with 120 other players and adopt all sorts of strategies to stay alive till the end.

The map area given in the game is quite large and the building is given in such a way that you can make good use of your shooting ability. In this game, you are given a lot more vehicles that help you to move from one place to another.

Vehicles flying in the air are also given here by which you can also fire on the ground from the air.

One of the drawbacks of this game is that you need a very good speed network connection, otherwise the connection is reset again and again which makes it very difficult to play the game.

5. Rules of Survival :

Rules of Survival takes Battle Royale to a new level where you have to compete with 300 players. You can enjoy the experience alone or in a team in the game. With so many players you get a tough fight but that is the speciality of this game.

Here you are landed on an 8x8km island just like PUBG which gets smaller with time which is why you can’t win this game just by hiding. All over the island, you get different weapons through which you can win by changing the strategy, besides you can hide and attack in any building.

Conclusion :

After reading this article, you have a clear view of the top 5 best Battle Games for Android phones. You can choose and play any game.

Originally published at on April 1, 2021.



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