NAVIC India’s indigenous navigation system.

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NAVIC India’s indigenous navigation system.

Hello friends, you are welcome in your ntech_blogger zone. Where we know about new technology, games, top played games, and the latest tech news. We bring important and interesting information about these topics to you. In this article, we will discuss India’s ambitious indigenous navigation system today and see how India can work to reduce its dependence on America’s GPS.

Navigation System -

In the present time, as our dependence on the Internet is increasing, with the same, we are becoming dependent on GPS to a great extent. Be it locating a location like Superstore, Hospital, Restaurant, School, College, etc., tracking a product ordered online, tracking the status of a cab like Ola, Uber, tracking a shipment, etc.

All these functions require a navigation system. The navigation system we are currently using is the US-based GPS Global Positioning System (GPS), without it, it is almost impossible to fully take advantage of most of the online services.

We are all aware of GPS. We use products like Google Maps that work with it every day. It was introduced by the United States Navy in the 1960s to track American submarines carrying nuclear missiles. In the early 1970s, the US Department of Defense (DoD) also felt the need for a robust, stable satellite navigation system.

Adopting technology previously developed by the Navy, the Defense Department decided to use satellites to develop its proposed navigation system. DoD then launched its first navigation system with the Timing Aid Raising (NAVSTAR) satellite in 1978. This 24 satellite system became fully operational in 1993. At present, it is a network of 32 satellites whose coverage is in every corner of the earth.

GPS is a space-based radio navigation system owned wholly by the US government and operated by the United States Air Force to meet national security, commercial, social and scientific needs. GPS currently provides two types of services. Including navigation services provided to the general public and services restricted to the use of the US military and government agencies.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System(IRNSS)-

Navigation systems have become an integral part of our digital lives, but we rely heavily on America’s GPS for this technology. With the aim of reducing this dependence, India started the indigenous navigation program. During the Kargil incursion in 1999, India did not have a satellite navigation system (NavIC) due to which the infiltration from across the border could not be detected in time.

Although India requested the US to help through GPS help, but the US refused to help. Since then, emphasis has been laid on the development of indigenous navigation satellite networks like GPS. ISRO scientists started working on it, which has now been completed and it is expected that soon its service will be available to the people of India.

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System program started at the beginning of this century has been named NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation). Under this, ISRO has launched a total of 7 satellites in space, out of which 3 satellites are present in geostationary orbit and 4 in geosynchronous orbit.

The first satellite IRNSS-IA in the series was launched in July 2013, while the last satellite IRNSS-11 was launched in 2018. These 7 satellites are placed 1500 km outside the border of the country including India. It has been designed to provide accurate position-related information in all the areas covered by it.

Since India did not have complete autonomy to use them by GPS and other navigational technologies, which we also saw in the Kargil war. But due to the indigenous system (IRNSS), India will have complete control over it. According to ISRO, this system will also provide two types of facilities like GPS. General shipping and positioning service for the common people while the other restricted or limited service these will be mainly for the Indian Army, high officials of the Indian government, and VIPs and security institutions. About 18 centers have been set up in India for its operation and maintenance. The positioning precision is expected to be better than 20 meters in the original service area by the NaviC system. Indigenous navigation technology will be used in the following

* Terrestrial, aerial, ocean navigation disaster management

* Real-time mapping of government schemes

* Vehicle tracking and fleet management

* Integration with mobile phones

* Precision Time Calculation

* Mapping and Geodetic Data Acquisition

*On-site navigation facility for hikers and tourists

* Visual and Audio Guidance facility for drivers

Advantages of indigenous technology-

With indigenous navigational technology, our dependence on America’s GPS will be reduced, India will not have to depend on any other country for any military and government activities. Apart from this, the security of data is also an important issue at present, so many important data will be safe with the use of indigenous technology.

Challenges in the way of indigenous technology-

Although the navigators are currently fully functional, despite this, the general public is using GPS for navigation. The main reason for this is the non-availability of navigator-supported hardware. Along with developing indigenous navigation systems (NavIC), we also need equipment that is navigable.

In the year 2019, an agreement has been reached between mobile processor maker Qualcomm and ISRO (ISRO) to make NavIC supported processor, after which now the processors launched by Qualcomm will be NavIC supported. Smartphone users with this processor can use the NavIC facility. Currently, Snapdragon 720G, 662, and 460 processors are supported by NavIC.

GPS and NAVIC: Which is Better?-

American GPS, as the name implies, is a global navigation system that can track the earth’s distance with the help of 32 satellites in orbit around the earth. On the other hand, NavIC, developed by India, is a Regional Navigation System (RPS) in which only 7 satellites have been used and which are capable of covering only India and its surrounding areas. So in terms of range, GPS is better than Navigator.

But in some ways, the sailor made by India is being considered better. This is because it operates on dual-frequency of S and L-band, whereas GPS is dependent on L-band only. Due to this, there is a possibility of the GPS being affected in the event of any obstruction in the atmosphere. Whereas it is more efficient than GPS due to the dual-frequency band (S and L bands) in the navigator.

“BAND- It should be noted that the band refers to the frequency of the waves. L-bands operate at a wavelength of 15–30 cm and a frequency of 1–2 GHz. L-Bands are mostly used in clear air. Whereas S-bands operate at a wavelength of 8–15 cm and a frequency of 2–4 GHz. Due to the high frequency, the S-band waves are not affected easily.”

Other Countries With Indigenous Navigation system-

Recently the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recognized the NavlC manufactured by India as RPS, finding it to meet international standards. With this, India has become the fourth country in the world to have this technology. Apart from India, at present only 3 countries and the European Union have their own navigation technology. However, the only global navigation systems are the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS.

  • US: GPS
  • Russia: GLONASS
  • China: BEIDO
  • European Union: GALILEO
  • India: NavIC

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