FAU-G ‘made in India’ Game App is Available Now: Know How To Download On Android.

Dheeraj k.
3 min readFeb 4, 2021


Hello, Game Loves, I have good news for you today that you guys are going to get the new Action and mission game ‘ FAU-G’ which is developed by the Indian company nCore Games.

FAU-G, which means Fearless and United Guard, is now available for download on our Google Playstore. The game is developed by nCore Games and is popularly called India’s alternative to PUBG Mobile. nCore proclaimed this new game in September which debuted in November. However, it was dallied and is presently available for download on Indians Republic Day. Pre-registration for the game was Started from December 2020 and it had surpassed four million just a few days earlier. nCore Games founder Vishal Gondal has reportedly confirmed that Battle Royal Mode and PvP [Player vs. Player] mode will be labelled as ‘soon’.

The new FAU-G (Fearless and United Guard) game is now available for free download on Google Play. Users can go to the Google Play store on their Android smartphone and download the FAU-G by clicking on the ‘Install’ button. According to the developers, the game is compatible with running handsets on Android 8 and above. There can be in-app purchases inside the game. The developer of this game, as mentioned, is a Bangalore-based company called nCore Games. Game makers have not provided any information on whether the game will be available to iOS users.

Actor Akshay Kumar announced FAU-G in September last year, stating that it supports the Atmanbir movement launched by PM Modi and that sports players are able to know about the sacrifices of our soldiers Will make. Kumar also announced that 20 per cent of the revenue generated by FAU-G Sports will be donated to the Veer Trust of India. In an interview, Gondal confirmed that FAU-G would initially be introduced as a single-player and cooperative drama to prevent potential launch day issues. Battle Royal Mode and PvP [Player vs. Player] mode will be labelled as ‘Coming Soon’. nCore initially plans to launch FAU-G in story mode, and eventually add more weapons and modes with future updates. Co-founder and COO Ganesh Hande also reportedly confirmed that FAU-G would have advertisements but would be judiciously integrated.

FAU-G made headlines when it was announced in September, as it came after the government banned the Chinese app and blocked the popular PUBG mobile gaming app in the country.


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